Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Project

Robert Lash is a sculptor who resides in Gardiner, Maine. On March 31, 2010 the Savings Bank of Maine commissioned him to create a 20-foot sculpture for the Gardiner Waterfront Park beside the Kennebec River in Gardiner.

Gates,Leighton, the landscape arcitecture firm who is creating the design work for the waterfront park project, created a conceptual rendering of the Flood Tide Terrace where Robert's sculpture will be installed.
Lash has purchased a new MillerMatic 350P welder for the project, which produces a TIG quality weld bead and is 50% more efficient. It is perfect for welding stainless steel, from which a majority of the project will be fabricated. He also purchased over 2,800 lbs of 11 gauge, type 316 stainless steel to start the project with.

Last fall, Robert purchased three enormous gears from the former Augusta Tissue Mill sight that was being torn down. Two of these massive gears will be incorporated into the base of the sculpture, as shown in the picture above.

Robert first found the gears when he and his wife toured the Augusta Tissue Mill just before it was demolished. This is a photo they took at the time:

After some negotiation with the contractor who was demolishing the mill buildings, Lash was able to purchase the gears, each gear ranging in weight from half a ton to a ton. Special equipment was required to transport and deliver the gears.

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