Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tier One

The ground work at the Gardiner Waterfront Park's sculpture site is in progress. A large hole has been dug, along with drainage. Conduit has been installed and crushed stone put in place. The first pour of concrete has been done with re-bar, drains and electrical conduit (for lighting). The second pour will happen, and then the sculptural base will be moved into position.

The three contact points that will hold the sculpture to the base have been created. Each is a steel box mounted on the inside of the cylinder, that will be accessible from the outside of the base through stainless steel cover plates laser etched with text. The top of each contact point is stainless steel exactly even with the top of the base, so that when the concrete is poured inside the cylinder, the tops will be flush. Stainless steel bolts will hold each of the bottom tier sculptural pieces to the base's contact points.

Using his plasma cutting tool, Robert has cut out all 18 profiles for the sculptural pieces. There are nine total pieces, 2 small, 4 medium, and 3 large, and each has two profile pieces. He is now joining the profiles together using an new, high tech, high strength adhesive (the same adhesive that the military uses to attach armored plating to it's vehicles). Using the adhesive instead of welding the interior supports avoids welding pull or shrink marks on the exterior of the forms.

Anchor bolts are welded in place that will attach the first tier of forms to the base. These three forms have been notched and welded, and the sides that will close each form are being cut and welded. The first three pieces will stand eight feet high above the base. This photo shows the large and small stainless piece of the first tier (with protective paper taped to them), along with a model of the medium piece (made from blue foam core). The pieces are being fit together to carefully align the first tier on the base.

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  1. It sounds like an enormously complex project but we are sure you are well prepared and fully capable.
    We look forward to the finished piece and to the dedication ceremony. Please keep these helpful and instructive blogs coming.
    Great work comes with careful planning!