Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Robert has finished the fabrication of the first three pieces that make up the lower tier of Rising. Yesterday, with the help of his friend Andrew, and son John, he placed the three pieces together on the sculptural base. After several hours of maneuvering and positioning, the pieces are attached to the base, and join together as they should. Today he will be welding the pieces together, and then finishing the welds.

This is an exciting time as the sculpture starts to take shape, and one can imagine how truly amazing it will be when all three tiers are assembled. The satiny glow of the stainless steel contrasts beautifully with the industrial cast iron gears and corten base. All the painstaking welding, griding and finishing of the pieces pays off in the perfection of the graceful lines, and smooth finish.


  1. It looks gorgeous! Love how the light plays on the surfaces. Great photos and lovely write-up, too!

  2. This is promising to become a truly amazing sculpture - it has it all thus far; grace, balance and beauty. Keep up the wonderful work!