Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moving the Base

Today the base is being moved from Robert's studio, to the Waterfront Park in Gardiner. Since the Rising sculpture has been built on top of the base, it has to be carefully lifted off the base and then the base removed from under it. To accomplish this process without harming the sculpture, Robert and his crew have done some careful planning.

First, straps are attached to the Rising sculpture at several points to try to keep it balanced when it is lifted.

The crane lowers it's hook into position.

Robert attaches the straps to the crane hook.

The bolts are loosened that hold the sculpture to the base, and then the crane lifts the 1,000 pound sculpture slowly and carefully.

Robert and Andrew attach a wooden framework to the base of the sculpture to keep it straight and give it something to sit on once the base is removed.

The crane lifts the sculpture even higher, and it moves slightly from side to side. Everyone is holding their breath.

The fork lift comes in to pick up the three ton base, and the sculpture has to be moved even higher.


This photo is taken from underneath the sculpture as it gently swings from the crane hook.

Now the base is transported to the Waterfront park sight, where it will be permanently installed, the electrical will be connected for the lighting, and it will be filled with concrete. The sculpture will stay at the studio for more finishing work.

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  1. Rob,
    The sculpture is absolutely lovely. I love the elements and their juxtaposition to each other. And what a feat!

    -Nancy Linkin