Thursday, November 4, 2010

Base In Place

The Rising's base was brought to Gardiner's Waterfront Park on a flat bed. It was lowered by crane onto a concrete footer with rebar, drainage and electrical conduit sticking up out of it.

It was a tricky process to lower the 6,000 pound base precisely into position, but everything went smoothly.

After installing the up-lighting and connecting the electrical, the next step was to fill the base with concrete. It was a cool, damp day, but that didn't stop the crew from getting the job done.

After filling the base, the concrete pad was poured around the base. Come flood or ice dam - this base isn't going anywhere for several hundred years!

Painstaking bricklaying has been done over the concrete pad and the sidewalks.

This picture shows how perfect the brickwork is - right up to the bottom gear of the base. They did an outstanding job!

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony in October for the Waterfront Park. The sculpture was not yet installed, but Rob was there and got to meet Senator Susan Collins who gave the keynote address. Senator Susan Collins, Robert Lash and Earl McCormick (Local Senator) pose for a picture, below.

The Rising Sculpture is completely finished. The next step is a delicate one: transporting it one mile to its final home at the Waterfront Park. If the weather cooperates, we hope the installation will happen in the next ten days. Then there will be some final polishing and perfecting on site. The final stage of this immense project is in sight!

An "Unveiling" is planned at the Waterfront Park in Gardiner on November 19th at 1PM. All are welcome to attend!!

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  1. Wow!!! This really gives a sense for the scale of this piece! Amazing! How cool to see the base already so neatly dovetailed into the brickwork and ready for the sculpture! xoxo Rachel